Atmosphere Announces Southsiders Album

It has been a while since Slug and Ant have put together an album, but they are doing it and you should look forward to it.  Southsiders drops May 6th, 2014 through Rhymesayers Entertainment.  If this album is anything like their past work, it should absolutely be a treat for your listening ears.  Pre-order it today and your future life will get better.

They also premiered a new single from the album called Bitter.  The lyrics feel like a throwback to God Loves Ugly, but less about love and lost and more about self.  Here’s a taste for you from the chorus of the song.

You’re so bitter, you’re cold as a river in the winter
This one is to recognize you, your jealousy needs an anthem too
You’re so bitter, you’re cold as a river in the winter,
This one is to recognize you, and all of these dreams that can’t come true

Listen to the first single Bitter NOW:

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Atmosphere Bitter

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