People Under The Stairs – 12 Step Program

People Under The Stairs - 12 step program

People Under The Stairs – 12 step program

Back in 2001, this writer was a college radio disc jockey.  Finding “underground” hip-hop was a passion and it was an honor to help promote it.  Back then, college radio pushed music that was independent and free from large corporate labels.  Nowadays, the music world this writer knows has changed… no longer are musicians forced to hope that a sample of theirs will be heard by a music executive so that it will be heard by the masses.  All it takes is passion, perseverance, the Internet, and a good sound to get recognized.

There was a band called People Under The Stairs back in 2000 that was considered underground back then.  Our college radio station played their music on our indie radio hip-hop shows and it was always well received.  The group and their sound was originally influenced by hip-hop artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (now the actor known as Will Smith of course), Eazy E, The Pharcyde, and Jurassic 5, among others.

People Under The Stairs is no longer underground because they tour the world, but they still consider themselves independent.  They recently made an album worth your $9.99 and they believe that you still think music is valuable. Do yourself a favor, take a minute and buy their new album presale.  It’s called 12 Step Program and can be purchased on a phone or computer through itunes.  Help them out and purchase today here –  Also like them on Facebook –

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