Dr. Dre, California, and a Love Letter

It is without a doubt that Dr. Dre is one of the best rap music producers of all time, and Tupac Shakur very well may be the greatest rapper of all time as well. In February of 1995, Dre and Tupac were searching for a film spot to shoot the music video for “California Love” in the desert of Burning Man, Nevada. Yes, that is ironic, but more importantly Dre allegedly hand wrote a letter when he had a break to his then girlfriend (now wife) Nicole Threatt. Whether this is true or not is for you to decide, but the letter itself is amazing. It describes the party, chaos, and sheer fun of everything that was experienced during that music video shoot. The best part of this alleged letter though, is easily the closing line, because it describes Dr. Dre in classic fashion. “I’m ’bout to pass out girl, wish I was up in that ass. See you back in LA.”

Dre letter to Nicole - 2/26/1995

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