Dee-1 – Shut Up and Grind

There is a new rapper that may be hitting the pop charts soon.  His name is Dee-1 (@dee1music) and he hails from New Orleans, Louisiana.  Clearly, this southern artist has been lyrically inclined since childhood, and while he wears the hair and dreads that resemble Busta Rhymes, his verbal flow is slower, like that of Jay-Z.  But essentially, it’s the words that he uses that will grab and hold on to you.

In 2012, Dee-1 dropped a mixtape on Youtube video called #TheFocusTape.  On this mixtape is a specific song called, “Shut Up and Grind” that is very much epic in proportion to other rap songs.  Now granted, two missing components from hip hop culture that could have made it better was a breakdancer and a turntable, but there should not be any complaining about this music video. Here is just a sample from this one song.

Seen so many curveballs I done grown to expect
People messin’ up the mission I moved on and I left
Learned a lesson, no second guessin’ eff all that stressin’
I leave them on the block before I let ’em block my blessin’
It’s a business, and we the underdogs, understand that
All that extra commitment and trust, but I demand that
I don’t call you by your name, cause I consider you lame
I’m in N. O., you playin video games, we don’t grind the same
So we don’t shine the same, I’m on my job and when I see you
I don’t know you, you just get a subtle head nod

In the background during this video there are graffiti artists doing their work, but what is most important about this production are the words this man uses. When he drops knowledge with words like these, one can only smile, nod the head to the beat, and hope to see him on tour soon. And click the link to see the video.

Dee-1: Shut Up And Grind (#SUAG) VIDEO

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