Common – Nobody’s Smiling

Another old school rapper turned actor Common, just dropped a new album called Nobody’s Smiling. He is back in his hometown of Chicago today as well to promote the album and sign copies. This album is a a throwback to his roots on the south side there, but it also focuses on what is important to him today as well.

There is a song on this new album called Kingdom and it features new Def Jam artist Vince Staples. The song itself is very much epic and the lyrics include religious, political, economic, and social points that are valid. The first rhyme Common spews forth in this song, “Second roll of the church with my hood on, my homie used to rap he was about to get put on. At his funeral, listening to this church song. His family yelling and screaming, I hurt for him.”

And that rhyme is just the tip of Common’s proverbial iceberg with the song and this new album. In the video shown below, there are images of Chicago, a young black male with a gun, and a stash of cash. There are also “strip club” dancers, that same male waking up on a bed with only a box spring and mattress, wearing the same clothes he wore the night before. And of course, it looks like the hood. Then he gets in his rusted Chevrolet as Common raps, “These streets is my religion.”

Midway through the video… something else happens. There are two cars in a major home appliance store parking lot and a deal goes down. And of course, by the end of this video he is hauled off and taken into custody by the police. Essentially, the lyrics Common is using and knowledge he is dropping are once again spot on. Play the video here and buy the song or album on iTunes. You will not be disappointed.

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