Chance the Rapper at Lollapalooza 2014

Chance the Rapper was already there when when we started watching. He had just finished a song and he said, “What the f*** is up?” The crowd was already energized, and he rapped the song, Brain Cells. It was awesome, because we had never heard a live rapper use the rhyme, “the flabbergasted avalanche of ambulances near.”

Then after that rhyming was over, he got the crowd more hyped up with the display of lights, hands up in the air music, and of course more about his marijuana use. He did play a new version of a song that we had never heard before, but that everyone knew the words to called Wonderful Everyday. When he began it, minds in the crowd slowed down a bit and it was beautiful. It was a simple message and it came from the man’s heart. Just believe in yourself and everyday will be wonderful, and that is why he is loved and adored by his fans.

Eventually, he left the stage… and the chanting began for the encore. We knew he was about to go out with a bang… the guitar started and it was a bit reminiscent of Michael Jackson, but it was him. It was a one song encore that left the crowd not just satisfied, but euphoric.

Lollapalooza 2014 was one of the greatest music festivals ever witnessed by attendees. But for Chance the Rapper, it was also an incredible experience. During his performance on stage he said, “This is the coolest **** I’ve ever done.”

Chance the Rapper - Lollapalooza 2014

Chance the Rapper – Lollapalooza 2014


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