There is a dee jay who calls himself Kane. He is from Bellevue, Nebraska and calls Omaha his home. He has a family, a daughter, and he is legally blind as a bat. One of the advantages to losing one of the five senses, is that with human beings the other four senses will compensate and make up for it. This is especially true with Kane when it comes to sound.

Currently his company A Kane Production is more of a side project, but there are also the rumors stating different things. Getting a hold of the man is damn near impossible and finding his music can sometimes be difficult, but fortunately his soundcloud account is still alive. And thank God for that. There are still a lot of up and comers on soundcloud, and a lot of kids trying to find fame by uploading terrible sounds they record in their Mom’s basement. But Kane has some commercial sounds on his account as well, and this is because at times he is hired to do so.

There is one specific piece that you should take the time to listen to though if you enjoy a simple rhythm, alluring melody, and just breath taking song. It is called “A Brigg’s Wedding” and it is beautiful. It is not a dance beat, but rather something you could walk down the aisle to at your church when you get married. This is the type of sound that can bring a huge smile to a groom’s face as he awaits. But it can also bring a tear to a father’s eye as he gives his daughter away.

Essentially, Kane is an extremely gifted human being. If you would ever like to get a hold of the man for a commissioned sound, unfortunately all that he has right now is a Twitter account, but he can and will reply on occasion. Follow him on Twitter @kennycheairs and listen to the song http://soundcloud.com/akaneproduction/a-briggs-wedding.

Kane – A Brigg’s Wedding

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