Orishas – Cuban All-Stars, Hip-Hop Cubano

There is a Cuban group from Havana called Las Orishas.  They have been together since the late 1990’s, when they first formed on the urban streets playing percussion, rapping, and dancing.  It has been a long road to fame for the group, but they are now back in Cuba likely working on another album.  They have alledgedly travelled throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America and have performed in front of millions throughout their careers.

Last summer they performed in Chile to a massive crowd, and there is a video on YouTube that can be found of the performance.  It is very much breath-taking, and watching a Cuban music group actually travel throughout the world is somewhat astonishing.  The thing is the four artists this article is referring to are not on stage.  This is because sometimes names change, groups disband and reform, and in the summer of 2013 the Cuban government supposedly allowed artists from orishasthebest.com to leave the country to perform.

With that being said, the reason for this article is to only praise and admire from afar this music group.  There is a lot of variety in their phenominal material.  There is also a specific song that will hopefully tickle your fancy called “Represent” and you will listen to it right now if you click.  Also, if you do some digging you can find the full rap album A Lo Cubano from 1999.

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