Isaiah Rashad – Modest

There is a rapper named Isaiah Rashad that sports dreads and has a music video for a song called Modest. There may be cynicism in the title of the song, because the lyrics are certainly not modest, but the man’s music is great nonetheless.

There is a line he uses in the song that is reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar when he explicitly states, “b!tch don’t kill my vibe” and there are other easy comparisons to Lamar as well. But Isaiah Rashad is unique and has monstrous delivery. He even drops religious connotations about Babylon, and when he is wearing the suit in this video, “Nail me to the cross and I’m just hangin.” And there is also the following line, “Least they left that serpent in my fingers I’m just smokin’.” So evidently, he has also smoked marijuana, which is news to only brand new listeners.

The really cool part is in the second half of the video though. His alter-ego wearing a sweatshirt gives a real insular quality. Even though casting no one but himself in the video can come off as a bit pretentious, the end result is nothing less than incredible.  Click to play the music video.

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