Nappy Roots at Hullabaloo Music Festival

On a beautiful summer night in Nebraska, Nappy Roots performed for a large crowd at Hullabaloo Music Festival.  There is not a music act today that exemplifies the so-called Dirty South quite like them. They hail from Bowling Green, Kentucky, a college town of over 50,000 people and a place that is more known for the Corvette Museum than breeding rap groups. But it is the small town home of these old country boys that sing of a world where gravel roads are more common than urban highways. Many of their lyrics would be expected to be heard on a country music station.

This concert was special for a few reasons. One different aspect was the crowd that made the event. It felt a bit like the circus due to a flame thrower, person in a wolf mask, and of course, the kids breaking up fluorescent necklaces and smearing them everywhere. Plus there was a child on a small unicycle. Next year, if you are in Nebraska, do not miss out on Hullabaloo. And if Nappy Roots ever come to your town you should take the opportunity to witness them first hand. Check out the performance at the festival of the song “Awnaw” from their 2002 album Watermelon, Chicken, & Gritz.

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