Vince Staples at MAHA Music Festival

Wearing a Child of Hell shirt, Vince Staples finally graced the Weitz stage of MAHA Music Festival around 7:30 pm on Saturday, August 20th, 2016.  Considering he is from Long Beach, California, this was his first visit to the state of Nebraska.  He opened with a well known song and got his brief but impactful show underway.

Granted, it should be known that Vince Staples is not your typical rapper.  He gets very little radio play, if any at all.  And last year in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he was asked, “Do you think you’ll change the world?”  He explicitly replied, “Hell no.  I’m not changing sh**.”  At least we know where he stands.

Throughout his set one couldn’t help but notice his intelligence on stage though.  With plenty of mental dexterity in his rap performance, most of his lyrics flowed beautifully. Fortunately, the crowd was well behaved while he performed “Loca” and “Lemme Know” from his most recent 2015 album Summertime ’06. Albeit, there was at least one awkward moment during his set.  In the crowd a younger white bro yelled out, “I’m just a n*****” just after he opened with the song “Lift Me Up.”  It felt amiss, but the on stage performance eclipsed it.  Check out the video of the opener and make sure to see Vince Staples live next time he is in your town.

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