Brother Ali at Omaha’s The Waiting Room

On Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017, Brother Ali visited Omaha, Nebraska as his first stop on The Own Light Tour.  His last visit to the city in 2014 was at the same venue at a sold out show on his Home Away From Home Tour.  Last night’s concert was certainly not sold out, and far from it with a much smaller crowd of a few hundred.  But according to Brother Ali after the show, “We announced the tour last week and didn’t have enough time to promote like our last visit.  A lot of people still came out though, and I am very appreciative.”

Brother Ali didn’t grace the stage until after a memorable set from Sa-Roc.  She is a formidable female emcee with fiery lyrics and a strong message of empowerment.  But once he grabbed the microphone, he brought a pleasant mix of new and old school material all night.  Early on, he performed “Palm the Joker” from his 2009 album The Truth Is Here, as well as “Tight Rope” from his later 2009 album, Us. He did not forget the song “Work Everyday” from the 2012 politically charged album, Mourning In America, that included the following lyrics.

People stressing here’s the question
How they get people drinking tea in a recession?
It’s deception how absurd is this
How are so many poor people conservative?

There was at least one moment that set this concert apart though.  Brother Ali found out that someone in the audience had a birthday, a little girl named Sadie.  He brought her on stage and the entire venue sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  It was a nice minute for Sadie, but all together a stellar performance from Brother Ali.  He is currently touring across the United States and Canada, so make sure to get tickets early, because future shows very well may sell out.  Lastly, check out the video of Own Light (What Hearts Are For) from the show.

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