A Quote from the Underground Railroad

I was fortunate enough to meet this man when I lived in New York City back in 2002. He had a hip-hop blog like I did back then, and he was always on point.  It was once hiphopmusic.com, but now it appears he continues to do the same plus much more.  Not only does he continue to do his radio show, but he also posts his blogs to facebook and has a video blog to top it off at illdoctrine.com.


“When I started my radio show in 1991, the station got letters from listeners who took great offense that I would use precious radio time for something as childish and undignified as a “shoutout.”  So it’s a trip to sit here 23 years later and watch the NFL commissioner unironically giving “shoutouts” and nobody bats an eye at it.  Hip-hop won.  Jay Smooth, Host, the Underground Railroad at WBAI.


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