Chase Stax

His birth name is DaJuan Ray, but he has since then adopted a new name and that is Chase Stax. He is a rapper and entertainer. This human being is an expert at his craft. He can rap quickly, fluently, and most importantly, understandably. Too many times rappers slur their words or mumble through their lyrics. All evidence suggests that Chase Stax was given the tongue of a salamander, in that it is insanely fast with the words that it spits and very precise. Also, interpreting the words this man puts forth is easy if you speak the English language. Here is just one simple line of his that is particularly pleasing.

The reason that one hustles is for the family.

This one line is so true on many levels. Whether it is an actual family of parents, siblings, and/or children, or close friends that are almost family members, this is true of almost all relationships. The reason people work and play is to connect with each other and enjoy life. Getting too deep into this song may not be advised, but it is a pretty fun place to be and should be considered when one listens.

“Rolling Stone” is easily a favorite song. It has a hook that can be well received by the masses with its chorus, but what really brings it home is, of course, the lyrics.

Welcome to my celebration, fast life, bad women no familiar faces
Hop on a plane I go many places, No chaser keep the liquor we get hydrated
Medicating when I’m cloud chasin up to space
Nothin but the glitz and glamour when I roll tape

It ain’t about the fame, just love the hustle
Now add that all up, that’s another level

I keep the suit and tie for the funeral, going to the upper room
Where the money at, they mournin off my success
Ain’t got to brag

And with that token of humility from Chase Stax, it must be noted that this rapper has the best flow heard in quite some time. It is on point and should be checked out.  You can listen to his music and decide for yourself on on Reverbnation and Soundcloud @ChaseStax.  Support this artist by following him on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and his Facebook fan page The Real Chase Stax.  You can also check his biography and pictures at  A Chase Stax official website will be available soon as well.

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