YAS – Sound of Unity (SEDAYE ETTEHAD) ft. Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne is skilled at his craft for sure.  And so is this rapper never heard of before, Yas.  They recently teamed up for this song called Sound of Unity (SEDAY ETTEHAD).  Yas was recently the first rapper authorized to perform rap by the Iranian government.  He raps in Persian and was heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur. [Reference: wikipedia.org]

Essentially, this video is two political rappers from two different parts of the world rapping about peace, unity, and understanding of one another.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, in this political climate, is pretty fucking cool.

On this video, there is also an option for closed captions.  Do yourself a favor and read what Yas says as he raps.  Here is a taste.

The only thing you see is the world going to hell
My ears are filled with your words
“Tech N9ne” my words are louder than you
(if only) a politician with a bomb
Gave his place to a gifted artist…
And now it’s time for me and you
To use our new words and help
To prevent becoming a cancerous world
Countries trying to lower each other’s flags
While we the people all have one goal at heart

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