Grieves – Winter and the Wolves

Seattle based rapper Grieves, born Benjamin Laub, just turned 30 years old, and he’s been rapping for over a decade now.  When a person has that much time to focus on a craft, they learn and grow, and he has done just that.  His recently released album Winter and the Wolves is a bit simple with it’s lyrics, but it is also straight forward and emotional as well, which is actually amazing.  One might suggest that the rapper is trying hard to be appreciated, but he is simply conveying to the world his experiences.  And in this day in age of selfishness amongst rappers and musicians alike, that itself should be admired.  Labels are not always the best thing, but if one enjoys “emo” rap, which is something his counterpart Slug of Atmosphere has been labeled in the past, then this album is right there in that same category.  Grieves will be going on tour throughout the United Kingdom and United States in April, May, and June of 2014.  His album can be purchased at Fifth Element.


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