Grieves Interview for Omaha show


Grieves gave an interview with us today before heading to Europe on tour.  He will be at the Waiting Room again on Tuesday, May 27th.  This show should sell out, so do yourself a favor and buy your tickets today at

How do you balance your music with other obligations, if you have any?
Grieves: That’s the struggle for every artist.  It’s not just about yourself or other people… it’s about friends, love, and family.  And that’s the struggle… this job takes you away at times from birthdays and celebrations, but as long you stay true to yourself everything else should fall into place.

Who are your favorite music artists and why?
Grieves: I’m a big neo-soul fan… like blues, B.B. King.  Also, folk singer Carol King.  I’ve never heard of anyone like them except Bob Dylan, but Bob Dylan was tough to get to understand as a kid.  I feel like Carol King wrote it to you as a person.  As I started getting older I started getting into punk and rock.  F***ing love Metallica… and NOFX.  J. Cole too. What I realized is that hip-hop and music in general doesn’t have to be confined.

How do you come up with your lyrics?  Are they about your own personal experiences, or someone else’s?
Grieves:  Everything I write is true and they are about my own personal experiences.

What do you think of Omaha?
Grieves:  I really like Omaha.  I grew up in Colorado and Omaha has that Midwest feel to it.  The Waiting Room gets better and better every time I go back.

Any funny or crazy stories from a past tour that you’d like to share?
Grieves: I was in Omaha a while back… and they had a lot of beer for us after the show.  There was this security guard outside our hotel chasing after us cause we were all drunk as hell… and our tour manager was getting head from a girl on one of those statues downtown.  It was hilarious and such a good time.  I’m looking forward to it again for sure.

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