Aceyalone – Draft Day

If you enjoy rap music, and if you have never heard of Freestyle Fellowship or double-time rap used by rappers such as Busta Rhymes and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, then you are in for a treat today. Aceyalone has been active and rapping since 1988. He is no longer a young buck, but with that being said he has had decades to perfect his craft. He has historically taken a more positive outlook on rap music and developed strong critiques of hip-hop’s commercialization and glorification of violence as well.

Fortunately, hip-hop appears to be changing today. By looking at the top hip-hop songs on, none appear to promote gangs or violence. Aceyalone may not have had a direct impact on what is on the charts today, however he certainly helped this writer appreciate rap music with his third solo album Accepted Eclectic. While hip-hop has evolved and from time to time can go back to the exploitation of women, it is nice to know that Aceyalone is still making music. He recently had only an hour to kill, and just two weeks ago, he dropped a song on Soundcloud called, “Draft Day.” It is in anticipation of the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft on May 8th.  Go ahead, do yourself a favor and give it a listen here:

Aceyalone - Draft Day

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