Grieves at Omaha’s The Waiting Room

Short and funny story surrounding this show review… back in the summer of 2003, this writer lived in New York City and wrote about hip-hop on a similar weblog. There was an interview with Sean Daley of Atmosphere, where the discussion of “emo rap” was brought up, and at the time Slug embraced it. Back then there were a lot of labels being thrown around callously, like gangster rap, indie rock, and even some rappers would be called R&B. The labels were very much forced on music artists, either by their managers, writers, or music industry executives. While sometimes they were embraced, other times they were rejected. This brings this writer to a great thing that happened today.

In a recent interview with Grieves, an awful mistake was made in that the term “emo-rap” was brought up, simply because he is signed to the same record label as Atmosphere. Grieves made it clear in his show last night at The Waiting Room in Omaha, Nebraska, that being labeled as such is completely wrong. Just because one raps about self and experiences, does not make the music emo. Labeling music within major genres is sometimes necessary, however sub-genres are certainly not needed.

With that being said, Grieves is just great rap music.  Click on the link and check out the video on YouTube of his opening song “Rain Damage” at the show this evening, and if you have the chance to see his show live, buy a ticket and go.

Grieves – Rain Damage (live)

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