Colt Ford – Thanks for Listening Hits #1 on Billboard

There is a genre of hip-hop called “country rap” and it’s been around for a long time. In the late 1990’s, Kid Rock fit into this label very well, as did his co-rapper and little person who has since passed away, Joe C. There is an artist who has climbed to the top of the Billboard charts and is now sitting at number one there with his album, “Thanks for Listening” – and his name is Colt Ford.

Ford is also a Southern rapper since he is from Athens, Georgia. While the history from that state is no longer relevant, one cannot help but think… is there a future for this sub-genre of music, and where is it going? Only time will tell how much more fame and popularity Colt Ford can obtain, but it seems he does not really care too much about that. This is clearly a man that loves his state and his country, the United States of America. He is currently touring across it and very well may be putting on a concert near you.

So have a listen at his chart topper. Also, take a look at his tour schedule at and buy the full album on iTunes if it tickles your fancy. Lastly, click to play the video on Youtube.



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