DMX Dies on Slingshot Ride

So technically, the title to this one is satirical.  However DMX, the famous rapper known for barking during his rhymes and being a tough guy, recently took a wild ride at an amusement park in Orlando, Florida.  The ride is called Sling Shot and it looks like a lot of fun, if you are into that kind of thing.  At the beginning of the video, DMX appears hyped explicitly stating, “This some scary sh** n****. This some scary sh** n****!  This some scary sh** n****!!!”  Then the classic, “What?!?!” comes into play… and that happens just moments before lift off.

And then just before the click of the ride and chaos, DMX says, “Hurry up! Before I change my mind!”  And that folks, is when the hilarity truly begins.  The rush of the ride only lasts twenty seconds.  But when it’s over and done with, he clenches his fists and says, “N**** we did that. We did that n****!”

After the ride is over, a few other words of accomplishment from him include, “Stone cold ice face” and “like we wasn’t scared.” And then he realized he was on camera and switches his tone. “We did it for the camera yo!”  Check the video right now and get a great laugh.

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