Brother Ali at Omaha’s Waiting Room

Brother Ali, the legally blind and albino rapper from Minneapolis, performed yet another memorable show at The Waiting Room in Omaha, Nebraska last night.  He is still hitting the road on his Home Away From Home Tour across the United States and Canada off his most recent album, Mourning in America.  Clearly this man is a hard worker, because under the beam of lights the sweat began to drip from his face just after a few songs.

The thing about Brother Ali that sets him apart from other rappers is that he follows the teachings of Allah and calls himself Muslim.  Also, reports indicate that he is either currently learning or already knows how to speak Arabic.  On top of that, he was arrested a few years ago for crossing a picket line at an Occupy protest.  Without a doubt, it takes a lot of passion and conviction to get arrested for protesting any one cause.

In regards to Mourning in America, Brother Ali still has a lot to say about it.  “This is not just a new album, but a new chapter. There’s a kind of democratic reawakening in people at this point in time. I was really looking to take these topics and really hit them hard. To try to open ears and hearts and invite people to take some action and feel empowered. To be engaged and take some agency and responsibility for what’s going on in the world.”

Click on the link to be redirected to our website, for his opening song from the show, “Fajr” and you will not be disappointed.  Lastly, if you missed the show last night, don’t worry because he will more than likely be back in Omaha in the future.

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