Logic at Omaha’s The Slowdown

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, also known as the rapper Logic, performed to a sold out crowd in Omaha, Nebraska at The Slowdown last night. The up and coming rapper is clearly working hard and amassing a large following. According to Rolling Stone magazine Logic is “all style, no substance.” But that pop music magazine is dead wrong on this rapper. Granted, he seems to have a bright future in hip-hop, but what he is doing right now should be commended, not looked down upon.

What really stood out at this concert was not just Logic’s performance. It was the crowd. Honestly, there were a flurry of hands up in the air at this concert, because when a mass of people are having fun watching an artist that they like, it is only obligatory to throw some hands up. What was different about this show was that seemingly, up to half of the hands had the “black mark” of being under the legal drinking age of 21. This fact was not all that shocking.

Regardless of age, Logic is preaching about peace, love, and positivity to a younger generation that might not yet know about the evils in the world. Also, check out his performance of the song “Buried Alive” from the show last night. Lastly, if he comes to your town and you are a fan, buy a ticket before it sells out.

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