Atmosphere at Omaha’s The Slowdown

Slug (Sean Daley) and Ant (Anthony Davis), together known as Atmosphere, performed once again to a sold out crowd in Omaha, Nebraska last night at The Slowdown. This was a great show and for this writer, who has seen them perform live more than half a dozen times since the early 2000’s, the show was inspiring once again. It was really great to see Slug still working hard, still sweating, and still perfecting his art just to please his fans. There were less minors seen at this show and more grown adults, many with alcoholic beverages in hand, which in the past has been Slug’s vice.

On stage, Slug is really a force to be reckoned with and he even took the time to freestyle last night. His freestyle was not the greatest ever heard, but it was decent enough and fed the hungry crowd. Also, Ant can still scratch a record like no other deejay in Minnesota. Regardless of whether you like Atmosphere or the Midwest, the talented rappers and musicians that hail from this part of the country are often overlooked because they are not on the coasts.

Next time Atmosphere is in your town, buy a ticket and go. Luckily for us in Omaha, they are returning for MAHA Music Festival in August 2015. Lastly, check the video from the show last night of the song “Sunshine” from the EP Sad Clown Bad Summer #9.

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