Geto Boys at Omaha’s The Waiting Room

Old school southern rap superstars Geto Boys graced the presence of a tumultuous crowd at The Waiting Room in Omaha, Nebraska in the early morning hours of June 22, 2015. After Houston Alexander put in some work on the turntables, some local rappers took the stage. Pocket Pete with a decent flow and Big Mista, who brought out some large self-identifying posters for his set, are both local Omaha artists and opened with prominent rhymes. Now even though it took them three hours to grace the stage, the best performance of the night went to the main act, Geto Boys.

Here is the thing about Geto Boys: they are terrible in the best possible way. This is the kind of music your grandmother dislikes because it is riddled with foul language, expletive terminology, and a slightly perverse mentality. And that is why they are loved and adored so much by their fans. It is also their compilation of horror stories turned rhymes that make them popular as well. If it is true that Bushwick Bill was legally pronounced dead in a morgue on June 19, 1991, then what happened when he took the stage just over 24 years later was nothing short of a miracle. Check out the snippet of his performance of the song “Chuckie” from their 1991 album We Can’t Be Stopped.


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