Sage Francis at Omaha’s The Waiting Room

On a Monday night in November 2015, the rapper B. Dolan opened a rap show and delivered a song called “Which Side Are You On” and it struck a chord.  It was the first time this writer had ever heard the song, and it was filled with lyrics of truth.  In a world full of hatred, it was refreshing to hear a song drop the following specific line.

Who wrote the greatest lines of our generation,
but couldn’t get from under their own small-minded hate trip?

Once B. Dolan finished his incredible performance, and after driving all day across the country to perform for maybe a few hundred people, Sage Francis took the stage wearing a cape and screaming “I come from the underground!”  Even after having 20 years to perfect his craft, he is still working hard to please his fans.  The owner of Strange Famous Records did not have a sold out crowd this time around.  However, he did have a lot of intelligence in his words, and the attendees certainly appreciated them all, like when he performed the songs “Damage” and “Dr. Feel Nathan.”  The lyrical lunatic known as Sage Francis is still on tour right now.  Get your tickets to his upcoming shows at

Check out his opener of the song “Escape Artist” from his 2005 album, A Healthy Distrust.

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