Ridgelines – EP II

Omaha musician Mike Johnson is set to release his second EP today for Ridgelines titled simply, EP II.  With his influences ranging from hip hop to electronic, the beats on this new album are incredibly unique.  It starts with a symphonic melody on the song “Bad Man” and then jumps to the hymnal song “It’s Okay” with lyrics from Marcey Yates and Mola-B.  The rapping on this track complements the soul of the instrumental quite well.  The first few bars fit beautifully on a great beat.

Look what was brought to me
thirteen grams of a raw from a key
Lord knows I had to make that cream
back to my beats and my old dream
now tell me how it go?
celebrate a touchdown, carry out goals
feeling good she got a crush now
all them hood boys pimps looking for a bust down
on the corner where its six deep
yellow tape news cam out on sixteenth
bullets holes grandma can’t sleep
all she really wanted was a good beat

“Deep End” picks up the pace of this EP, while “Good Luck” slows it down slightly.  Then there is the spoken word by Jade Lucy on “Who Wakes Up” that is careful, but magnificent in its delivery.  The vocal gives a rare poetic taste and acceuntuates the exclusivity of the music.

There is a chance you might be able to witness Ridgelines perform live in Omaha, Nebraska at some point soon.  Until then follow and listen over on Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/ridgelines) and Facebook (http://facebook.com/ridgelines) for updates.


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