Tech N9ne at Lincoln’s The Bourbon

On a Thursday evening in January 2017 at The Bourbon in Lincoln, Nebraska, there was a sold out rap show with Tech N9ne as the headliner.  The openers included two acts that are touring with him currently, Krizz Kaliko and the duo CES CRU.  Both entertained well and hopefully gained some fans.  CES CRU performed the hit “Say You Love Me” and it was great.  By the time they finished up, the crowd was certainly hungry for the main event.

Around 10:30 pm, a man dawning a mask reminiscent of MF Doom took the stage and performed .  This was a different Tech N9ne from the past, because he used to only use face paint.  He added the mask last year (in 2016) as his “way to the future” and it works well. This is even though he did take it off at times for a closer look at the pack of people.  His mask did feel more sincere and intimate when it was off as opposed to on.  Maybe because it was easier to see him sweating and working hard to please his fans.

Tech N9ne resurrected a lot of songs at this show, but he certainly did not forget material from his latest album, The Storm. From that album his set included “I Get It Now” and he ended the night with “Erbody But Me.”  Lastly, check out his performance of the song “Unfair” from his 2011 album Welcome to Strangeland. 

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