Ridgelines at Omaha’s Almost Music

On Saturday afternoon, April 22, 2017 over a dozen people gathered for an intimate show with Ridgelines, the electronic with hip hop influence venture of local musician Mike Johnson.  The venue was Almost Music, a quaint record and bookstore in the Blackstone District of Omaha.  Being surrounded by books at a concert felt educational as he performed “01.21.17” featuring Sleep Sinatra and Hakim.  Lincoln, Nebraska is home for them both.  In addition to the phenomenal beats, the song had some amazing lyrics.

Thirteen million in uncashed checks at the Health and Human Services
The white presidents back, we about to see the purge begin
Triumph over dirt within
Get right where your work depends
Circumvent them obstacles lurking
When you out here trying to work to win

Another song performed at the show was “Good Luck” from EP II.  The song involves a lot of loops, timing, and sets a refreshing tone.  The premise of it comes from watching real-life crime shows and news stories.  This refers to if you fit a certain description and someone accuses you of something (that you did not do), you will get caught up in the justice system, then “good luck.”  Check out the video from the show and be sure to catch Ridgelines at more shows scheduled in the coming months.  These include Duffy’s Tavern in Lincoln on Wednesday, April 26th, Milk Run in Omaha on Sunday, April 30th, O’Leaver’s in Omaha on Saturday, May 13th, and Reverb Lounge in Omaha on Saturday, July 8th.


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