Snow Tha Product at Lincoln’s The Bourbon

On a Tuesday evening in October 2017 at The Bourbon in Lincoln, Nebraska, there was a crowded rap show with Snow Tha Product as the headliner.  There were a number of opening acts for this show. These included Johnny Bliss and Trey Vance, but one in particular that really stood out, Lincoln’s own Hakim.  He performed a relatable song called “Day Off” for the hard workers in the mostly female crowd and it was well received. [Hakim – Day Off @ The Bourbon Lincoln 10.17.17]  His performance almost stole the entire show.  Hakim was that exceptional and he tore it up.

It is one thing to have a few drinks before going on stage.  However, it is another thing to drink so much that the performance is a struggle. It was clear that Snow Tha Product was intoxicated when she first took the stage around 10:30 pm.  This was not just when she skipped lines of verses, but also when she later stated, “Yo Nebraska, I’m lit as f***!”  She downed two bottles of water back to back.  And took a short break to sober up while members of the crowd were invited on stage to slow grind.  Exactly what she did to get sober is not known, but she is a trooper and fortunately it worked.

When Snow Tha Product came back and took the stage again, she performed accurately and with fierce lyricism.  From her song, “Waste of Time” she flowed beautifully.

“But in the meanwhile you been talking to Penelope and Heather and Alicia and Stephanie and Melanie / And phone looking like a Petey Pablo song, offending me.” 

It was a great show all around, despite witnessing the main act overcome the hurdle of drunkenness, which was entertaining.  Check out her performance of “Hola” from the 2012 mixtape album Good Nights & Bad Mornings.  Snow Tha Product is currently on tour in the U.S.

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