about the site

HipHopAnonymous.org is an attempt to embrace music culture by hunting down what is good and what is ridiculous.  It was once a supplement for listeners of the Hip Hop Anonymous radio show back in the early 2000’s, but it is now a a resource for people looking for a different perspective.  This is where both mediocrity and greatness are pointed out in music.

about the history

HipHopAnonymous started as a hip-hop radio show on Iowa State University’s student-run radio station, KURE 88.5 FM in the spring of 2001.  A website and blog started shortly thereafter, and existed for a few years as the authors traveled the United States, including New York City and Chicago, commentating on music culture, before ultimately going on hiatus in 2005.  The blog is back now in today’s digital world, and can be found again on most major social media sites.


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